CultureTalk: The 12 Archetypes System

Narrative intelligence is a necessary life and business skill these days, especially for individuals and organizations who want to show up authentically and create value in the world. 

Looking for a simple framework that can help you steer a career transition?

Striving to build an authentic leadership brand by gaining clarity on your inner strengths and leadership imprint? 

Struggling to solve team conflicts and boost team performance?

Needing to lead an organizational culture change initiative or trying to make mergers and acquisitions culturally relevant? 

Feeling it’s time for a rebrand based on your organization's deepest most inner truths?

What is CultureTalk

The system of 12 Archetypes is an intuitive story-based framework that can bridge the gaps between individual and organizational realities and can create a common language across your whole organization. 

Archetype patterns can be found in both individuals and organizations. From individual coaching work, to culture activation or culture change initiatives, the system of 12 Archetypes can equip you with tools for:

  • Understanding current realities and patterns of behavior
  • Integrating personal and organizational shadows 
  • Crafting compelling visions based on strengths 
  • Designing aspirational cultures that speak volumes to employees and clients

The 12 archetypal storylines are deeply embedded in all humankind.

The Archetypes unite the human unconscious across cultures and continents, industries and markets.  Jung said: “Archetypes show up as personality in individuals, and as culture in groups.” 

They come to life in the CultureTalk Survey System as 12 characters adding depth and dimension to conversations about personal growth and organizational development.

They help us make sense of the world since the dawn of civilization and help societies survive and grow.  

They enable individuals and organizations to find their path towards individuation, conscious change journeys, and elevated potential.

Carl Jung's personality archetypes, further developed for organizational and brand purposes, are deeply embedded in all humankind.

How we use the system of 12 Archetypes

People Portal is a certified CultureTalk partner. 

We are skilled in making sense of archetypal survey reports and guiding clients on the journey of building awareness and crafting action plans that resonate with their deepest truths. 

Narrative intelligence is a necessary life and business skill these days, especially for individuals and organizations who want to show up authentically and create value in the world.  

Find out how we can support you in becoming story savvy about your work lives and cultures. 

Individual career and life coaching

Archetypes are human stories - rich and compelling, but also flawed and relatable. 

We help individuals understand what stories they are living. 

We explore their strengths and help them integrate their shadows so they can be the masters of their careers and lives.  

Leadership coaching and leadership brand building

Many leaders fall victim to daily reporting, email communication and constant meetings. Amidst the busyness they often lose their own vision of how they want to lead their teams and companies and what kind of impact they want to have in the world. 

By exploring their Archetypes and crafting a compelling leadership style, we help them bring their best abilities forward and empower them to be leaders who people want to follow.  

Team coaching and team bonding

Team conflicts often trump constructive dialogue, effective decision making and innovation. 

Teams that interact with the Archetype system as part of  team coaching or team building activities experience profound epiphanies. 

These help them connect and communicate without judgement, become more resilient and adaptable, ultimately becoming high performing teams.  

Organizational culture assessment and culture change initiatives

Culture is a competitive advantage for all companies who want to adapt with the times and become recognized market players. 

Organizational culture initiatives may vary from pulse checks on employee engagement, to larger change initiatives that leaders want to introduce. Culture work is indispensable during mergers and acquisitions to ensure team and vision alignment. 

We work with the CultureTalk organization survey to map culture across teams, geographies and other indicators. We host validation workshops and work with change agents on action plans and change initiatives based on the organization’s archetypal truths. Organizations can also use this work as a basis to inform a rebrand exercise. 

Meet your guide

Angelina Penkova

Over the past 15 years Angelina has worked in different areas of Marketing and Communications. One of her latest projects is her adventure at People Portal where she specializes in creating and delivering training workshops on Storytelling.

Both her personal and professional experience have led to the understanding that the skill to tell powerful and immersive stories can lead to improving Culture and the overall organizational environment, sharing a common vision and efficient collaboration between people and teams.

What clients say:

„We've worked with People Portal for two years now. With their help we managed to support our colleagues in understanding that the ‘customer journey‘ for each of our clients is an experience, which is told and lived through a unique story. I'd recommend People Portal to organizations and teams which want to build connection, find their true voice, build high standards of quality and challenge themselves“.

Krasen Kolev, Senior Engineering Manager, Milestone Systems

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