About us

People Portal is a Hub for collaboration and exploration of new creative ways to elevate human potential and create meaning,
both in a personal and professional aspect.

We bring together visionaries and experts in the fields of  HR, business development & entrepreneurship, marketing, and psychology who work collaboratively on the development of new holistic and transformational strategies, practices and trainings.

We work with individuals and organizations to create alive workplaces where people are full of energy, zest and motivation to contribute and create something bigger than themselves.  

How we think and work

We are biologically wired to feel alive and fulfilled when we are in alignment with our needs for belonging, contribution, growth and meaning.  We have experienced it. We know it.  

We believe that creating aliveness at work is a choice and a responsibility for us all - people, leaders, organizations. Alive@Work is a state of being, a feeling we feel with our whole body. 

We provoke and inspire people to create meaningful and healthy relationships, so they can build the capacity to co-create, co-elevate and shape their work reality from the inside out.  

Get in touch to learn how we can support you on the courageous journey of bringing life to work. 

 Work is where the self meets the world and it is our very own responsibility to make this place beautiful and alive. 
ALIVE@WORK is a movement towards creating more conscious, vibrant and fulfilling work lives.  

Clients' Voice

„We've worked with People Portal for two years now. With their help we managed to support our colleagues in understanding that the ‘customer journey‘ for each of our clients is an experience, which is told and lived through a unique story. I'd recommend People Portal to organizations and teams which want to build connection, find their true voice, build high standards of quality and challenge themselves“.

Anelia Popova, Senior HR Business Partner, SBTech