We help people, teams, and organizations bring life to work, so we are all Alive@Work

We help people, teams, and organizations bring life to work, so we are all Alive@Work

Work is where the self meets the world and it is our very own responsibility to make this place beautiful and alive.

We help individuals and organizations create alive workplaces where people are full of energy, zest and motivation to contribute and create something bigger than themselves.  


It begins with you. You are in charge to create your own definition of aliveness at work. Explore how your current work life relates to your purpose and values and what you can personally do to feel alive@work.
Great teams and cultures are a reflection of their leaders. What kind of leader are you consciously choosing to be everyday? Expand your leadership capacity, create a healthy culture and sustainable success.
Teams are like families. Exceptional teams thrive on trust, responsibility and care for the collective wellbeing. Explore how your team can create and nurture a safe space for everyone to show up, grow and contribute.
Is your organziation ready to become fearless in following its purpose and values, and committed to the flourishing of its employees, customers and communities? Start your journey with us.

The Alive@Work Business Community

Alive@Work is a movement towards creating more conscious, vibrant and fulfilling work lives. 

This is a network of leaders who have deep and honest conversations about what works in Work. 

If you’ve begun your journey towards building a better place to work, then you’ve come to your tribe!

Learning Experiences

Online workshop

Culture Camp

Healthy organizational culture is a result of intent and constant care. 

Our program teaches the different aspects and elements of company culture and provide practical steps to help leaders nurture trust, productivity and belonging. 

Lead with values and integrity.

Cohort program

Organizational Storytelling

Storytelling is much more than the art of crafting a powerful message. It is a paradigm that infuses the whole organization, recognizing that all leaders and employees are on a hero's journey to feel alive at work and to grow as humans and professionals.

Introduce storytelling in all people processes and use story principles to reinvent your organization.

Online or Live facilitated experiences

Team Bondings

Team Bondings are 2.5-hour long online/offline experiences that support teams in building stronger connections, nurturing trust and open, constructive communication.  

Participants learn more about their values, motivations and personality threads and how to use them in the context of the collective work and relationships.   


Key Takeaways from Remote Connect 2022

 Begin with Curiosity: How a Mindset of Curiosity Can Help Us Survive and Thrive in the New World of Work.

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