Calibrate at the Top

When leaders start pulling the carriage in different directions, it’s time to align towards the same goals. 

Align your leadership team during a 3-month transformational leadership process. 

Help your top people move in the same direction and introduce meaningful change in your organization.

Have you attended or organized a strategy meeting where everyone embraces a decision to move forward with an important business initiative? 

And a few months later, have you witnessed no progress with this same initiative?

Even when leaders seem on board with the same strategic initiatives and business change, it seems that some of them would inevitably be uncomfortable executing and unconsciously sabotaging what’s been agreed upon. 

Very often change means not only business change, but culture change.

 And that’s where executives have a hard time adapting and moving towards unknown waters.  

What happens at Calibrate at the Top

This 3-month  transformational program is designed for senior leadership teams of up to 12 participants. It enables participants to work with tools for self, team, and organizational awareness and to explore organizational change together.

 A 7-day full-time retreat is preceded by an individual 5-session exploration and coaching process for each leader where leadership qualities and archetypal energies are explored in-depth.  

At the end of this program your top leaders will move towards conscious alignment for the needs of your organization and have a shared drive towards making change happen.

What you achieve with this transformation program

  •  Creating a common language and mutual understanding of business priorities
  • Self awareness and awareness of leadership team dynamics
  • Awareness about the organizational culture and the changes that need to occur from a business and culture standpoint
  • Creating and committing to a social leadership contract ensuring alignment on expectations and outcomes
  • Creating an action plan with embedded peer accountability
  • Followup, feedback and realignment after initial actions

How is this program organized

 This program is divided into several phases which occur within a 3-month period:

  • Initial individual meetings and coaching sessions occur during Month 1 of the program.
  • Team interactions occur during a 7-day full-time retreat during Month 2 of the program
  • Follow-up, re-alignment and adjustments occur during Month 3 of the program

Three Months of Transformation and Alignment

Help your top people move in the same direction and introduce meaningful change in your organization. 


Phase 1: Defining the common goal

This phase aims to channel the participants’ thinking in the same direction and derive a common goal for the group to work towards till the end of the program. 

This phase has the following outcomes:

  • Snapshot of current situation
  • Listing the organizations strategic priorities
  • Defining personal misalignment topics
  • Defining team misalignment topics
  • Defining what success looks like (desired state after the program)

This phase includes: 

  • One 2-hour individual meeting with each participant during Month 1 of the program
  • One full-day workshop

Phase 2: Building awareness

This phase allows participants to explore their personal leadership style, identify sources of conflict, understand where shadow behaviors lie, and start to build an understanding of areas for synchronization.

This phase has the following outcomes:

  • Becoming aware of leadership styles
  • Еxploring conflicts and connections
  • Defining team values and energetic drivers

This phase includes: 

  • Taking a 20-minute individual Archetype survey
  • Four 2-hour individual coaching sessions with each participant
  • Two full day team workshops as part of the 7-day retreat

Phase 3: Defining Alignment

Participants are at a crucial phase in their journey. They look deeply into what was previously defined as strategic priorities and examine which of these they truly need to align towards.

This phase has the following outcomes:

  • Personal decision related to business priorities
  • Team decision on a single alignment topic
  • Exploration of organizational culture (sources of strengths, blockages, archetypal energies)

This phase includes: 

  • Two full day team workshops as part of the 7-day retreat

Phase 4: Creating an Action Plan

During this stage of the program participants create together a list of actions and activities which constitute a minimum viable change (MVC) initiative within the alignment topic they agreed upon. 

This phase has the following outcomes:

  • Defining an MVC (minimum viable change) to experiment with in the next one month. This is a single initiative as part of the overall alignment agenda. 
  • Distributing tasks according to archetypal and functional profiles

This phase includes: 

  • One full day team workshop as part of the 7-day retreat

Phase 5: Followup and realignment

Having tested activities and actions within the MVC initiative, participants need to sync and realign to be able to close the feedback loop and complete one full iteration of this new way of working together. 

This phase has the following outcomes:

  • Facilitated feedback sessions where participants explore once again archetypal conflicts and connections within the MVC initiative
  • Discussing real cases where alignment challenges occur
  • Progress tracking based on initial goal and alignment topic

This phase includes: 

  • One individual meeting with each participant
  • One full day team workshop during Month 3 of the program (preferably a nature immersion experience)

What you need to know before you start this program:

  •  This program includes learning, coaching, and team transformation experiences. It requires full commitment on behalf of the leadership team within its 3-month duration and additional time invested by participants to read resources and watch video content. 
  • Individual coaching sessions usually span 2 hours each.
  • The 7-day retreat in Month 2 of the program is a full-time experience which requires taking time off of daily work and complete immersion in the alignment process.
  • This program is not a business strategy program. It’s a process designed to align different personalities against the culture change which occurs parallel to business strategy change initiatives.

  • Embracing a spirit of playfulness, experimentation, trust and vulnerability are key to the success of this program.
  • Participants experience individual and team coaching based on Jung’s 12 Archetypes. This process is instrumental for building awareness of leadership styles, individual values, and company culture. Participants may experience profound personal epiphanies that may require additional coaching support in the months following the program.
  • Such programs are just the beginning of your conscious leadership journey. This is not a project but a process of constant learning, failure and improving. We are your guides to start this process and to equip you with the right set of tools you can use in the next stages of your personal and team transformation.

Meet your guides

Maria Padalski

Maria created People Portal following 15 years of professional experience in various leadership positions, ranging from Marketing and Business Development to People Management. 

Her multifaceted perspective on the working of an organization has shaped her understanding that each successful company has a solid foundation where a healthy culture and shared values are inextricably woven together. And that people belong and thrive at companies where culture and values are strong.

Angelina Penkova

Over the past 15 years Angelina has worked in different areas of Marketing and Communications. One of her latest projects is her adventure at People Portal where she specializes in creating and delivering training workshops on Storytelling.

Both her personal and professional experience have led to the understanding that the skill to tell powerful and immersive stories can lead to improving Culture and the overall organizational environment, sharing a common vision and efficient collaboration between people and teams.

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What Leaders Say:

“We entrusted Maria & Angie from People Portal to help and support us in developing our culture, values and company beliefs. Their work leading this project from start to finish was truly exemplary. Their aptitude and willingness to get the job done and see the project through to completion was absolutely outstanding. We were very impressed with how gracefully they juggled so many things while staying focused. We can wholeheartedly recommend People Portal as your next partner to rely on to build, develop and sustain your company’s (wo)manpower objectives.“

Ilko Sarafski, People Partner, JAF

Alignment occurs both at the individual and the organizational level.

 If you are struggling to achieve alignment among your top people, engage in this 3-month journey to get on the same page and sync your team’s energy towards a common goal.