Team Jam

Move your team from conflict to creativity. Empower team members to shift from resistance to resilience. 

Team members are like the cells in our organizational system.

If they are not aligned with their own inner truth and are not working in-sync with the group dynamic, conflicts and disparities can deepen, leading to lack of engagement. This is quite the opposite of feeling Alive@Work and no leader wants to create such an environment. 

Similarly, teams are like the organs of our body. If one of them isn’t working in a healthy and productive way, the whole organism is affected and our organizations fail to adapt, innovate, and stay relevant on the market.  

Take the CultureTalk assessment with your team to connect to each other on a deep, meaningful, and instinctual level. Get magical group epiphanies and move to transformative shared decision making.

What happens at Team Jam

Each team member takes the CultureTalk individual online assessment based on the 12 universal Archetypal storylines. 

This assessment will provide team members with insights on their primary, supporting, and latent archetypes. Individuals are able to understand themselves and also in the context of their team

Once survey results are in, each team member goes through an individual 2-hour validation session where strengths and shadows are explored. The individual sessions are followed by two group validation workshops that engage team members in understanding conflicts and connections, uncovering emotional triggers, and crafting empowering change models.

Engage in this type of work if you are ready to:

  •  Create a safe space in your team for honest reflection and shared vulnerability
  • Explore the sources of strength and conflict in your team
  • Capitalize on each person’s profile to create wins and to assign the most appropriate roles
  • Move from unconscious emotional triggers to adopting healthy models of change

Fast Track to Team Transformation

Transformation is often associated with lengthy programs and multiple workshop experiences. This program is designed as a light format that occurs in the course of one individual and two group sessions. This is the fastest track to creating healthy team dynamics.

Learn about the CultureTalk System

Meet your guide

Angelina Penkova

Over the past 15 years Angelina has worked in different areas of Marketing and Communications. One of her latest projects is her adventure at People Portal where she specializes in creating and delivering training workshops on Storytelling.

Both her personal and professional experience have led to the understanding that the skill to tell powerful and immersive stories can lead to improving Culture and the overall organizational environment, sharing a common vision and efficient collaboration between people and teams.


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