Our thoughts and feelings about the work we do and the movement we are building.

Imagine a world where…

You wake up everyday with a feeling of gratitude.

  • Your life is an embodiment of the highest ideal of creativity, self expression, service to others, collaboration and pursuit of human greatness.
  • There’s no Me without You, because We are all connected.
  • People build economies and societies with the future generations in mind. Doing what’s right, not what’s easy.
  • Everyone knows that what we build today will outlast us and will be our legacy for our children, and their children, and theirs…
  • We understand we are imperfect, yet we are all worthy of love, belonging and contribution. 
  • The longing for transparent, vulnerable and authentic human connection is no longer a longing but a playful and cheerful reality.
  • We try hard to learn more about ourselves and others, while crafting a humble and conscious living in this world of ours.
  • We are audacious to IMAGINE WORK as it could be - a birthplace of creativity, connection and shared meaning. 
  • Work makes us feel TRULY ALIVE!

Alive@Work is a movement towards creating more conscious, vibrant and fulfilling work lives.

Alive@Work INDIVIDUALS are:


  • Transforming their lives to align with their purpose and values
  • Self aware of their needs, emotions, strengths and  deficiencies 
  • Capable of building and nurturing healthy relationships
  • Learning and growing through feedback
  • Mastering their own behaviors and habits
  • Productive, creative, and full of energy

Alive@Work LEADERS are:


  • Nurturing strong team culture through shared vision and values
  • Leading from a place of personal integrity and alignment
  • Holding space for courageous conversations 
  • Connected to their emotions and vulnerability 
  • Artful at giving feedback and autonomy 
  • Purposeful about play and rest, creativity and innovation

Alive@Work TEAMS are:


  • Maintaining high level of trust and commitment 
  • Holding each other accountable and not allowing anyone to fail
  • Innovating and co-creating products and services that bring value to customers
  • Handling conflicts in a healthy way, while allowing for different opinion
  • Creating a safe space for everyone to show up and contribute 
  • Using feedback and candor to change, grow and adapt



  • Fearless in following their purpose and values 
  • Committed to the flourishing of their employees, customers and communities
  • Developing strategic partnerships to drive society forward
  • Bold innovators and industry disruptors
  • Conscious about their own impact and limitations
  • Inclusive, always learning and reinventing themselves 
  • Focused on creating a vibrant, healthy and strong cultures 

Alive@Work is a movement towards creating more conscious, vibrant and fulfilling work lives.