The Alive@ Work community is a playground for those who see and experience work as a vocation, and choose to actively shape the way we work today, so we can create a better world of tomorrow.  

As a community, we aim to reshape our relationship with work and become truly ALIVE@WORK, so we can fuel in the energy of wholeness, meaning, togetherness and care to our organizations, families, local communities and the society. 

Finally, a human way to talk about work.

You feel it. 

That insatiable desire to grow and become a better leader while contributing to something bigger and lasting. If you’ve begun your journey towards building a better place to work, then you’ve come to your tribe!

The Alive@Work Community welcomes you!

Alive@Work is a global movement towards creating more conscious, vibrant and fulfilling work lives. 

We provoke and inspire people to create meaningful and healthy relationships at work, so they can build the capacity to co-create, co-elevate and shape their work reality from the inside out. 

We explore:

  • What it means to feel Alive@Work
  • What it takes to be courageous while remaining compassionate
  • How to build strong team bonds that last generations
  • How to create meaning  through our work for employees, clients and the community
  • What it means to create organizations with purpose

Alive@Work is a network of leaders who have deep and honest conversations about what works in Work.

Imagine having a peer support group which is transparent about SHARING WHAT WORKS  in managing teams, buidling sustainable organizations and creating unforgettable customer experiences. 

  • We LEARN AND TEST how to create a better workplace. 
  • We SHARE experiences and ideas about becoming conscious leaders.
  • And we CO-CREATE the alive@work movement!

Together we will:

  •  Get crystal clear on our inner compass: values, purpose, needs and goals (soul goals)
  • Learn and practice assertiveness and how to set our boundaries 
  • Reshape our work lives and courageously express who we are as leaders
  • Adopt a work attitude of no BS and unnecessary political correctness 
  • Fight resistance and skepticism within ourselves and our organizations 
  • Practice deep listening, deep connection and reflection
  • Ask though questions, so we wake up, shake up and build up 
  • Shift perspectives and use the power of curiosity to understand ourselves and the world around us 

Topics for November 2022 - November 2023

Season 3 of the Alive@Work Community (Nov 2022 - Nov 2023) will be dedicated to personal tools of bringing aliveness to the workplace. You can test these ideas and tools individually as well as bring them inside your teams and organizations.

November 2022: How is work

We still use old models and maps to navigate through a completely new way of living, working and making sense of life. So what can we do?
☑️ How do we redesign WORK, so it makes us feel alive, individually and collectively?
☑️ What do we want the future of work to hold for us?
☑️ How do we reinvent our organizations? Where do we start? Is this really up to us?

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Work is where the self meets the world and it is our very own responsibility to make this place beautiful and alive.
Alive@Work is a movement towards creating more conscious, vibrant and fulfilling work lives. 

What you get

Monthly Community Calls

Each month we explore a topic that's curated through our conversations with members and we have a community-wide call where we bring in experts and share opinions.

Alive@Work Book Club

Knowledge is power! We compile a reading list that is relevant to the topics of Alive@Work. We gather to discuss and  synthesize the ideas to put into action.

Live Meetups

Online meetings are good but nothing beats person-in-person connection. You'll receive regular invites for live community circles and discussions.

Journaling Challenges

Make self-reflection part of уour work routine. Our journaling challenges are an awesome tool to unleash creative ideas and improve relationships @work.

Free Guides and Checklists

Our community receives exclusive access to free downloads, videos and checklists that help you creat Alive@Work organizations. Download and put into action right away!

Discounts on Courses

People Portal's cohort programs in Organizational Culture and Storytelling run twice a year for a whole semester. Get exclusive discounts for being part of the Alive@Work tribe! 

Why join

Personal Discovery

Check out our quizzes and surveys. And take our journalling challenges. You can use them for your personal reflection and discovery in becoming a more conscious leader.

Learning from Experts

We bring in partners who have expertise in organizational culture, people management, learning and development to ramp up our monthly calls and learning experiences.

Peer Exchange

The best part of being a community member is being able to connect directly to others who share your experiences and struggles. Exchange ideas and meet new people!

Alignment on Purpose

Find out how it feels to create shared vision and shared meaning! This tribe is brought together by the idea of Aliveness@Work and we share a unique voice and purpose.

Meet your hosts and community curators: Maria Padalski and Angelina Penkova

Maria and Angelina founded People Portal in 2017 following fifteen years of professional experience in various leadership positions.

They believe in the power of community as the highest form of collaboration. Here's a taste of their take on life:

  • Everything that matters in life is built from the inside out.
  • Exploring our values and beliefs and building self-awareness improve the way we work and the way we relate to others.
  • The workplace should be a birthplace for creativity, joy and shared meaning. 

"Shared culture and strong team bonds can save our organizations. We invite you to co-create the new workplace and to build together a movement of leaders who build truly alive teams and organizations."

Maria Padalski, Founder, People Portal

Inner Circle

During season 2022-2023 we will host an inner circle for people who'd like to meet on a more regular basis and share experience and knowledge in a smaller group. Inner circle accepts a maximum of 25 members. The investment is 35 EUR per month (VAT excluded) and are billable in one annual installment. 

You can request an invoice.