Step into your journey towards aliveness, meaning and joy at work.


Step into your journey towards aliveness, meaning and joy at work.


It begins with you. You are in charge to create your own definition of aliveness at work. Explore how your current work life relates to your  purpose and values and what you can personally do to feel alive@work.

Self awareness

There is no shortcut to growth, aliveness and meaning. Being aware of who we are and want to be as professionals is a step towards building conscious business skills and capacity for aliviness at work.

Check out tools, assessments and practices to grow at your own pace.

Purpose and values

As human beings we are hardwired to follow a purpose, to move towards something bigger than ourselves. 

Gain clarity on your purpose and define the values that are going to support your life and work view.

Work and life vision

Create a work vision that is in sync with who you are, the superpowers you have, and the impact you want to make. 

Explore the quality of your work life, where change is needed and how you can move towards your own aliviness.

Reflection and journaling

If you are on a mission to feel alive at work, we invite you to track your progress, reflect on your steps and move forward with new insights. 

We will support you with journaling promps and ideas for reflection. 

Personal coaching

Every hero has a mentor or a coach, someone who supports them and creates space for exploration and meaning making. 

Find out what’s on your way to greatness and face it head on. Your coach is right next to you. 


Great teams and cultures are a reflection of their leaders. What kind of leader are you consciously choosing to be everyday? Expand your capacity to lead with values and purpose, create healthy cultures and sustainable success.  

Leadership awareness

Leader's power lies within his/her ability to be in touch with their own strengths, weaknesses and intuition. 

Explore powerful coaching tools from the Barrett Values arsenal to become the leader everyone wants to have. Leading with your heart and mind!

Leadership vision

Designing a leadership vision brings inspiration and paves a clear path to the way you would like to show up as a leader. 

Our leadership vision sessions are crafted to support both new leaders, as well as those who know that the new work reality is asking for an elevated leadership mindset and skills. 

Culture bootcamp

Healthy organizational culture is a result of intent and constant care. 

Our programs teach the different aspects and elements of company culture and provide practical steps to help leaders nurture trust, productivity and belonging.

Leadership storytelling

Successful leaders pay special attention to their strategic narrative, how they talk about their company, their products, their struggles and success. Leaders own the main plot and tell a compelling story about the journey employees, customers, and investors are invited on.  

Ready to tell your authenting and impactful stories? Join our programs and start crafting. 

Facilitative leadership

The leaders of today are called upon to make inclusive decisions, engage in deep and active listening, show interest in both what and how is discussed, and hold space for others to engage in honest conversations. 

Explore our program on how to elevate your team's contribution and fulfillment through facilitated interactions and decision making.

Leadership coaching

Leadership coaching is about establishing a connection to your inner wisdom and using it to create a powerful ripple effect in your team and your whole organization.   

If you are ready to make a difference, bring life to work, and tap into the power of your own insights, get in touch, so we can start exploring the magic of the space within. 


Teams are like families. Exceptional teams thrive on trust, responsibility and care for the collective wellbeing. Explore how your team can create and nurture a safe space for everyone to show up, grow and contribute.

Team bondings

This program includes a set of ten experiences that help team members gain better understanding about themselves and others. Team bondings are designed to build trust, improve knowledge, and create awareness about the individual and group behaviors that both challenge and support the team. 

Set up your team for success and explore this powerful alternative to traditional team buildings.

Team circles

Sometimes teams get stuck in ineffective communication, process glitches and difficult conversations. They lose their focus and peer accountability. That's why we created Team Circles - a five-week program that creates an opportunity to tackle topics which are urgent and important for the team and for the individual members. 

Help your team get unstuck and make it unstoppable!

Team purpose and values

Teams become much stronger when they see their role in the bigger system and recognize their true purpose. Help your team find its true north star, and create shared understanding about the common direction we create together. 

Work with us and bring coherence and inspiration to your team. 

Meeting facilitation

Facilitating  important conversations lowers the levels of stress and the time needed to reach decisions. Facilitated meetings are result-oriented and inclusive of different opinions. 

Work with our experienced facilitators to improve your meetings efficiency and create commitment to both results and relationships.

Team coaching

When a team is challenged towards meaningful goals and provided support, individual and team performance soar, joy and relationships flourish. Coaching helps uncover new and unnoticed opportunities, it expands the team capabilities to handle problems constructively and stay focused on what is important. 

Every team deserves a good coach, find yours now. 


Is your organization ready to become fearless in following its purpose and values, committed to the flourishing of its employees, customers and communities? Discover how to take your organization on the journey of reinvention and conscious transformation.

Purpose and values

Organizations who are conscious and intentional about their purpose and values are those whom we remember, buy from, and belong to as employees. 

Shared purpose and values are at the foundation of any company culture, they define who we are and what we want our impact to be. 

Contact us to turn these buzzwords into vivid, inspiring and practical steps towards aliveness at work. 

Culture assessment and design

Culture is complex, but it does not need to be complicated. We work with the Barrett Values Center tools to gain perspective on the current and desired culture and values. We use them to provoke and lead open conversations between leaders, so they embrace the idea that any shift in culture is related to the shift they are able to make as leaders.

Get in touch to discuss how to check the pulse of your company culture. 

Employee experience

Employee experience design is where the organization and the individual meet to explore the creative potential of their shared journey. Create powerful employee experiences, aligned with your company's culture, purpose and values.

Design work rituals and interactions at all employee touchpoints to inspire commitment, sustainable performance and genuine relationships. 

Organizational storytelling

Storytelling is much more than the art of crafting a powerful message. It is a paradigm that infuses the whole organization, recognizing that all leaders and employees are on a hero's journey to feel alive at work and to grow as humans and professionals.

Learn how you can introduce storytelling in all people processes and use story principles to reinvent your organization.

Strategic meeting facilitation

Facilitating  important conversations lowers the levels of stress and time needed to reach decisions. Facilitated meetings are result-oriented and inclusive of different opinions.  

Take one of our leadership facilitation trainings to adopt facilitiation practices in your organization.