The Founder Footprint

Are you a founder who believes that scaling culture is as important as scaling business? 

Engage in an 8-week transformational experience and translate your values and vision to everyone in the company. 

As a startup founder you embark on a challenging journey.

You need to work in parallel on product, client base, team and culture development. No aspect of the business should be overlooked as it can lead to fast decline. 

Building a business from the ground up can be a bumpy ride. Through all the situations they encounter, Founders face and overcome their own demons, challenge their worth and question the fundamentals of their identity. 

It’s easy to start with a co-founder and have some initial success with loyal customers.

But what happens when you start adding new employees and need to scale the team, while establishing processes and best practices? Passing the founder’s vision, drive and ethics to newcomers often is a doomed undertaking, as new employees simply can’t “click” with the importance of “what we are doing around here” and the importance of acting as entrepreneurs from day One.

This 8-week transformational program is designed for solo-entrepreneurs and small teams of co-founders.

What happens at The Founder Footprint

This program enables Founders to explore their values and personal storylines that have led to the creation of the business. Founders understand their leadership style and how it affects people around them. They articulate their powerful purpose and vision.  

Individual and co-founder values, vision and purpose are then translated into a company culture canvas that brings abstract concepts into an easy-to-understand framework to make culture actionable. Action plans are created and a rite of passage is designed for Founders to experience the importance of this transformation and move to the next level of their personal and professional development.

What you achieve with this program

  •  Self-awareness about what drives you forward and how your personal storyline injects meaning in your business
  • Learning how vision helps people on your team know where they are going
  • Creating and committing to a shared culture map
  • Creating an action plan 
  • Going through a transformation ritual at the end of the program to move to a new state of leadership 

How is this program organized

This program is divided into several phases which occur within an 8-week period:

  • Awareness building in Weeks 1-3 of the program
  • Insight seeking through Feedback, Visioning, Purpose articulation in Weeks 4-5 of the program
  • Culture articulation, integration and alignment in Weeks 6-8 of the program

Three Phases. Eight Weeks.

 Engage in a transformational experience and translate your values and vision to everyone in the company. 


Phase 1: Awareness Building

This phase enables Founders to explore their needs, motivations and personal storylines that inform the business. 

It has the following outcomes:

  • Founders personal values defined, validated and prioritized
  • Founders archetypal energies explored and seen through the lens of strengths and shadow behaviors
  • Leadership style exploration

This phase includes: 

  • Taking the Barrett Values survey and the CultureTalk survey
  •  8 coaching sessions 

Phase 2: Insight Seeking

This phase allows participants to build upon phase 1 and reach epiphany moments about how others perceive them, about their leadership style and their unique entrepreneurial legacy.

This phase has the following outcomes:

  • Getting feedback from others about your values and leadership style
  • Articulating your purpose and vision

This phase includes: 

  • Getting feedback from peers, employees, clients, and partners through a survey.
  • 4 coaching sessions
  • 1-day retreat to sync with co-founders on the topics included in this phase

Phase 3: Culture Definition

This phase enables participants to amalgamate and integrate the work done in previous sessions into a cohesive culture map. Founders create action plans with specific activities and priorities.

This phase has the following outcomes:

  • Agreeing on company values with respective definitions and associated behaviors
  • Creating a culture canvas which translates values and vision into people processes
  • Going through a rite of passage to celebrate the beginning of a new journey for the company

This phase includes: 

  • 4 half-day workshops
  • A follow-up meeting

What you need to know before you start this program:

  •  This program includes learning, coaching, and transformation experiences. It requires full commitment on behalf of participants within its 8-week duration and additional time invested to read resources, watch video content, and prepare assignments. 
  • Individual coaching sessions usually span 2 hours each.
  • This program is not a business strategy program. It’s a process designed to explore and scale topics related to values, vision and culture.
  • Participants experience individual and team coaching based on the methodologies of Barrett Values Center and CultureTalk’s Archetypes. Participants may experience profound personal epiphanies that may require additional coaching support in the months following the program.
  • Such programs are just the beginning of culture journeys. This is not a project but a process of constant learning and improving. We are your guides to start this process and to equip you with the right set of tools you can use in the next stages of your culture building process.

Meet your guides

Maria Padalski

Maria created People Portal following 15 years of professional experience in various leadership positions, ranging from Marketing and Business Development to People Management. 

Her multifaceted perspective on the working of an organization has shaped her understanding that each successful company has a solid foundation where a healthy culture and shared values are inextricably woven together. And that people belong and thrive at companies where culture and values are strong.

Angelina Penkova

Over the past 15 years Angelina has worked in different areas of Marketing and Communications. One of her latest projects is her adventure at People Portal where she specializes in creating and delivering training workshops on Storytelling.

Both her personal and professional experience have led to the understanding that the skill to tell powerful and immersive stories can lead to improving Culture and the overall organizational environment, sharing a common vision and efficient collaboration between people and teams.

Ready to join?

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What Founders say:

„The Founder Footprint program helped me and my co-founder go through a process of values and leadership style definition. This helped us put words to what we already felt and clearly articulate what our company values and culture are. This process was very insightful and later helped us during recruitment to assess whether a candidate was right for us. We are now working with the insights from this program in onboarding and performance evaluation.“

Deyan Evlogiev, Co-founder, AECO Space