95% employee retention rate: how to achieve it?

Practical lessons from Dreamix

Alive@Work Community Meeting
27 April, 4.00 - 5.15 pm, Zoom

95% employee retention rate: how to achieve it?

Practical lessons from Dreamix

Alive@Work Community Meeting
27 April, 4.00 - 5.15 pm, Zoom

 Every company and a leader wants to keep their best employees and be able to serve the business with people who care, contribute and are ready to walk the extra mile. But that appears to be an ongoing challenge for many companies. Despite the numerous engagement surveys, learning programs and exciting benefits, most companies struggle to retain their talent. 

So what is at the core of employee retention and why so many fail at it?
What do those companies with higher retention rates do differently to keep their people and create a sense of belonging? 

 Our April Alive@Work community gathering is dedicated to the topic of employee retention and how company culture and values contribute to building an organization to which people eagerly want to contribute and be part of.  

For this conversation we’ve invited Dreamix - a company well known for its culture and the emphasis they put on interweaving company values into everyday actions and decisions. 

During our community get-together, we will talk to Stoyan Mitov, Chief Business & People Officer at Dreamix to uncover how a fast growing and scaling IT company achieves such high retention.

Here are some of the topics we will discuss with Stoyan:

  • What are the key factors to make culture work?
  • How Dreamix came up with their values and the type of culture they want to nurture and grow?
  • What does it mean in practice to walk the talk related to company culture and values?
  • Why is it important to use the company values as a compass for decisions and actions and what are some real life examples?
  • What turns employees into company/culture ambassadors?
  • What is a Culture Map and how can anyone use it to visualize and map out culture/values driven activities and initiatives within the company?

Stoyan Mitov - Chief Business & People Officer

Stoyan Mitov is a Chief Business & People Officer at Dreamix, co-founder at Grajdanite.bg, an active sports person and a father of two boys, waiting for a new baby girl in August. He is at the core of Dreamix’ Talent team and personally participates in almost every hire. Stoyan has been with Dreamix since 2013 and together with his partners led the organization through numerous transitions and significant growth. His social value initiative Grajdanite won the renowned “John Atanasoff Outstanding Young Digital Scientists and Entrepreneurs Awards”. The platform aims to make the world a better place by encouraging and enabling responsible and polite citizenship.

Тhe Dreamix values are not only words on the website; culture is reflected in their physical environment, the way they build relationships and interact internally and externally, and in the way they design and organize their work life. They are famous for the Dreamix Culture Map - a simple visual representation of how each value drives different actions, events, and decisions. 

Who should join the conversation:

  • Founders, Co-Founders who are looking to scale their business and want to nurture intentional company culture
  • Team leaders and managers interested in building strong and healthy culture where people thrive and bring value
  • HR business partners who are exploring ways to support their organization in bring values to action

About Dreamix:

Dreamix has been on the market for  more than 15 years and now has 150+ people in different locations. The team is proud with its 900,000+ hours invested in interesting projects worldwide. 

Dreаmix was founded 15 years ago by passionate IT students, who wanted to create the dreamiest workplace where everyone is heard, works under transparent management, and lives up to their full potential. Now, many years later, they provide end-to-end product development for renowned healthcare, fintech, and transport companies from Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Silicon Valley, and more.

The Dreamix team incorporated the company core values into an inspiring manifesto:

“We believe in searching for mastery. We believe in caring for each other. We must contribute to the progress of society. The way we care and search for mastery is by building relationships, passionately going through challenges and communicating effectively. Best quality bespoke software development is what we do to impact mankind for the better!”

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