Culture Camp

The camp where leaders become culture practitioners

An 8-week online training program and peer-to-peer experience
to help you nurture healthy company culture

Next program dates: April 20th - June 8th, 2023  

Learning and networking experience in the field of organizational culture. 

In our work with business leaders we often hear the following: “There is something wrong with our culture. We do not know what that is, but it’s a culture problem. How can we fix it?”  

And this is exactly when culture really matters, it matters when things go wrong and problems occur. Culture matters as long as it can support the organization to adapt to new challenges, in a faster and more efficient manner.

When Culture is neglected

In our work with organizations of all shapes and sizes, we have distinguished several common threads that emerge when culture is neglected and disowned: 

  • Collaboration and productivity suffer
  • Innovation and creativity are in stagnation
  • Gossip and drama take on stage and give way to unhealthy conflicts
  • People are less open to feedback and just don’t do their best work
  • Disengagement and micromanagement become the norm
  • Strategic goals are compromised
  • The mojo of the organization is lost and it becomes harder for people to keep on going

What is CultureCamp

We have designed Culture Camp with the mindset that leaders have the capacity and own the decision to build and nurture strong culture that can handle adversity and massive change, while continuing to bring out the best of its people. 

Through this program we support HR Managers, Team leaders, HR Business partners, Business leaders and C-level executives get culture right and gain clarity on what works and doesn't work within their organization. Culture Camp provides the necessary knowledge and tools to initiate transformation and nurture healthy, learning and adaptive culture, so the organization can achieve its strategic priorities.

“The only thing of real importance that leaders do is to create and manage culture. If you do not manage culture, it manages you.” -- Edgar Schein


Week 1:Understanding Organizational Culture

Culture is a very complex thing and oftentimes the lack of understanding for that complexity is the reason for many culture efforts to fail.

During the first module of the program we will create a shared understanding about organizational culture and will explore in detail its core building blocks.

Culture is at the heart of the organization's brand identity and understanding its fundamentals is key for establishing an effective culture-brand connection.

Week 2:Driving leadership and organizational consciousness

Any organizational change starts with a leadership change, it starts with full awareness of how leaders can develop themselves and adapt in order to have the greatest possible impact on their organization or team.

In this module you will explore your personal leadership values, the current and desired values of your organization. You will align your values to the organizational ones and explore any possible gaps between the current and desired culture.

Week 3:Assessing and measuring culture

Assessing and measuring organizational culture is critical for the success of any culture initiatives. Culture change starts with understanding what works and what doesn’t.

Organizations with strong and healthy cultures focus their efforts on building a shared understanding where they stand and where they want to go and how culture can help or hinder these efforts. Measuring culture creates clarity and gives direction to any further change efforts.

In this module we will provide you with a framework to assess and measure your organization’s culture, so you can make decisions based on reliable data.

Week 4:Mapping the current organizational culture

During this module all participants will be invited to map out the current reality of their organizations.

We will provide a framework to help you grasp all the different elements and levers of organizational culture, so you can gain more clarity why certain threads, behaviors and decisions are currently present.

Week 5:Mapping the desired organizational culture

Using the same culture framework, you will explore what kind of culture would best support your organization in achieving its purpose and strategic goals, what kind of individual, team and organizational outcomes are expected, and how you can design culture change initiatives with these outcomes in mind.

Week 6:Driving real culture change

Driving change can be an exceptionally challenging endeavor, even if you have involved the right people across the organization. During this module you will learn how to assess your organization's readiness for culture change and how to use the elements and principles of change to prepare your organization and supporting team to make that leap.

You will create a compelling picture of your organization’s future culture to onboard people and keep them invested in turning that vision into reality. Most importantly, you will come up with a strategy on how to effectively use the culture elements to consistently reinforce that transformation.

Week 7:Applying the levers of culture change

In this module we will dive deeper into the levers of culture change and how to successfully wove stories, rituals and symbols into the transformation efforts.

Another important aspect of this module is to design a feedback mechanism and create clarity on how people will provide and use culture related feedback.

Week 8:Creating Culture Action Plan

Within the last module you will create a solid culture action plan, so you can immediately start making gradual, consistent steps towards transforming your organization's culture.

After the end of the program, for a period of three months, all participants will be supported by us and the group to complete the initial steps of the culture plan.

“Businesses don't exist to have a great culture. They exist to serve their purpose and their culture either helps or hurts their ability to do so.” -- Edgar Schein

Why join

Key learning outcomes

By the end of the program you will know through practice: 

  • How to map and assess your company’s culture
  • How to drive culture transformation to solve specific business problems
  • What are your personal and leadership values and how to align them to the organizational values
  • How to use the different culture tools to establish trust and drive change
  • How to facilitate team values and culture conversations through collaboration and participation
  • How to use the principles of Humble Inquiry to achieve lasting and positive transformation


  • Materials: You will get ready to use templates and a step by step guide to culture transformation
  • Practical Experiences: You will apply and test everything you learn through practical experiences
  • Connections: You will connect with leaders who are invested in the topic of organizational culture and are open to share knowledge and personal experience
  • Safe place to learn: You will be part of a safe and supporting environment, where we treat each other with confidentiality and respect
  • Mobility: You can join from everywhere through Zoom, and in case you miss a session, you be able to review the video recording
  • Access to an online portal with all materials and the ability to comment and share questions & ideas after each session

Let's talk!

Only 12 participants can join Culture Camp, reserve your spot now.

Contact us at if you would like to enroll more than one person from your organization

How it works

Before the program

  • Once you submit your application, you will receive a call from us to better understand your goals and challenges and to confirm that the program can support you in solving them.
  • Before the first session we will have a group call (60 min.) to get to know each other and set the stage for a fruitful collaboration.
  • You will receive information on how to prepare for the first module and do a limited pre-work.
  • During the program

  • All live online sessions are scheduled on Thursdays, from 2 pm - 5 pm (Eastern European Time).
  • On Mondays you will receive an email reminder with highlights of the topics and activities for the upcoming Thursday session.
  • You will have individual and group assignments that should take around 90 additional minutes throughout the week.
  • You will get theoretical knowledge and practical experiences to apply the tools in real life scenarios.
  • We will ask you to always be with your camera on, participating and being fully present (this is a commitment the group will make during our orientation call).
  • After the program

  • You will leave with all the tools, templates and ideas needed to create a positive culture transformation in your organization.
  • For the next 3 months after the program we will hold monthly group calls to keep the group going and help you with any questions or challenges.
  • For the next 3 months after the program you will receive a monthly email with reflection ideas, inspirational materials, articles and useful books on the topic of organizational culture and values.
  • Investment

    Total standart investment for the whole 8-week program is 1200 EUR before tax. 

    Discount rate applies by country of residence: 

    30% for Upper-Middle Income Economies (pricing for Bulgaria is 840 EUR before tax)

    50% for Lower-Middle Income Economies

    75% for Low Income Economies

    We offer special pricing for two and more people joining from one organization, for a quote contact us at

    Meet your guides

    Maria Padalski

    Maria created People Portal following 15 years of professional experience in various leadership positions, ranging from Marketing and Business Development to People Management. 

    Her multifaceted perspective on the working of an organization has shaped her understanding that each successful company has a solid foundation where a healthy culture and shared values are inextricably woven together. And that people belong and thrive at companies where culture and values are strong.

    Angelina Penkova

    Over the past 20 years Angelina has worked in different areas of Communications and Brand Strategy. At People Portal she specializes in creating and delivering training, coaching, and workshops on Storytelling and Archetypes.

    Both her personal and professional experience have led to the understanding that the skill to tell powerful and immersive stories can lead to improving Culture and the overall organizational environment, sharing a common vision and efficient collaboration between people and teams.

    Ready to join?

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