Team Values Assessment

Focus your teams on growing and thriving together

About the survey

The Team Values Assessment (TVA) is an effective way to map the values of a specific team or group of people who have regular work interactions and would like to improve their collaboration, minimize conflict and unnecessary drama, so they can focus on growing and thriving together. In one picture, this assessment provides valuable insights on:

  • what is working and not working within a specific team 
  • where are the gaps between individual values,  established team values and future/desired values that can support the team to reach its full potential
  • what is the desired direction for the team to further grow and develop

Measure personal, leadership, and organizational consciousness with the Barrett Values Center Model

Why take this assessment?

The (TVA) results are entry points towards a deeper, meaningful discussion within the team, so team members can gain perspective on their personal values, the values of their peers, as well as where they stand collectively, as a team. 

Followed by a set of individual and team coaching sessions, the assessment helps teams better understand the factors that are limiting the team performance and might be preventing the team and its members reaching their full potential.

Meet your guide

Maria Padalski

Maria created People Portal following 15 years of professional experience in various leadership positions, ranging from Marketing and Business Development to People Management. 

Her multifaceted perspective on the working of an organization has shaped her understanding that each successful company has a solid foundation where a healthy culture and shared values are inextricably woven together. And that people belong and thrive at companies where culture and values are strong.

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