Barrett Values Center: Organizational Culture Assessment

A roadmap towards creating sustainable and healthy cultures 

About the survey

The Culture Assessment gives a comprehensive snapshot of the culture of your organization. Its advantage is that by asking your employees only three simple questions, you can get numerous perspectives on how healthy and functional your organization is. The Assessment provides insights on:

  • Personal values that drive employees 
  • Employees  perspective on the values of the current culture 
  • What are the values of the desired company culture

Based on these initial findings we can create additional visual plots to look at teams, regions, gaps and to deepen your understanding of what is working and what needs attention across the organization. 

Measure personal, leadership, and organizational consciousness with the Barrett Values Center Model

Why take this assessment?

The Culture Assessment results are the entry point for deep, hard and meaningful conversations and leaders should be aware that working on the company culture and values is a process that has a beginning and no ending. 

The Culture Assessment is a road map towards creating sustainable and healthy cultures, characterized by high performance, responsibility and shared meaning across all levels and functions.

Meet your guide

Maria Padalski

Maria created People Portal following 15 years of professional experience in various leadership positions, ranging from Marketing and Business Development to People Management. 

Her multifaceted perspective on the working of an organization has shaped her understanding that each successful company has a solid foundation where a healthy culture and shared values are inextricably woven together. And that people belong and thrive at companies where culture and values are strong.

Want to design your organization's culture with intention?