The Future of our Alive@Work Community

How we grow the Alive@Work Community...and how YOU can be part of it.

June 20th, 2022, by Angelina Penkova

Two years ago we began hosting community conversations among culture change agents who want to build great, resilient organizations where people belong, innovate and thrive. We called our tribe The Alive@Work Community.

We are happy to announce that starting in June 2022 our free monthly Zoom calls will be hosted, streamed, and promoted by ClubHouse at Sofia Tech Park. This partnership will allow us to improve our streaming capabilities, bring even more exciting and knowledgable guests to our meetings...All while keeping this format completely free.

This coming Fall Season we will be adding a Premium Community Membership option which will help all of us in the community organize networking meetings, mini workshops, discussions, and a book club - within an online community environment for a global audience.

How can you be a part of these exciting developments?

  • By continuing to attend our Free Monthly Meetings and joining the discussions in Zoom;
  • By joining our Premium Membership Community for an affordable 249 EUR annual fee;
  • By becoming a Moderator in our community: take part in organizing some of our events and become a Premium Member free of charge;
  • By recommending Alive@Work organizations who are willing to sponsor our Community in return for visibility in our channels.

Want to become part of the Alive@Work Movement?

Which of the above options resonates with you and matches your needs?