Storytelling in HR

The power and influence of storytelling is undeniable. As human beings we tell stories every day, this is how we connect and make sense of the world around us. In business context storytelling helps leaders and organizations give strategy a human face and bring it to life, unite employees and teams around a common purpose and shared direction.

Storytelling is a way to connect heart to heart and build brands people want to belong to.

“Leading people requires not only sensing change afoot, but imagining a brighter future and communicating it in a way that motivates others to follow you there.”
― Nancy Duarte

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Storytelling supports HR business partners, recruitment professionals, learning & development managers, business and product managers, and everyone like you on the journey to:

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Who is my Trainer

Angelina Penkova

Angelina has worked in PR, Media Analytics and Marketing for the past 15 years. In 2013, she founded her first company in the area of marketing consulting. Most recently, she has co-founded two new ventures, People Portal being one of them. Angelina has worn many organizational hats: as an employee, a line manager, a freelance consultant, and a business owner.

Her diverse and hands-on experience spans dozens of medium and large organizations and hundreds of people.

At People Portal Angelina helps organizations on their journey to becoming beehives of collaboration and shared vision, ultimately leading to business growth and work satisfaction.


Module 1

Storytelling in the modern organization

Today companies are challenged to find new ways to get their message through, be heard and remembered by customers and employees. And this is where storytelling comes into place. There are many examples of successful companies and charismatic leaders who own their story and in this workshop we will explore some of them to demonstrate different implications of the storytelling method in business. Together we will learn how to spot, craft and tell good, purposeful stories to shape opinions, behaviours and actions.

In this module you will create your company’s compelling and persuasive story

Module 2

Crafting stories to attract the best candidates for your organization

In this module you will explore how different types of stories influence your potential candidates.We will discuss what types of stories to weave into the “Candidate Journey” for most impact on the candidates decisions. We will also look into how to use storytelling to excavate candidates’ most authentic stories to help you determine their motivation, personal values and attitude towards work and life.

In this module you will craft an impactful job ad that supports your company culture and vision and attracts the best candidates for the role.

Module 3

Storytelling in the creation of onboarding learning experiences

The first days at work determine the type of relationship we are going to establish with new employees and is directly related to their success and sense of belonging. These first few weeks shape the employee’s attitude towards coworkers and clients. During the onboarding period employees learn the most about the company, its product and services, culture and values. By the stories they are told employees also shape their expectations related to future development and career potential within the company.

In this module we will create stories that help new employees learn about the company culture and values, its products and services

Module 4

Storytelling as a powerful tool to successfully navigate internal change

Business organizations face various challenges ranging from growth, restructuring, introduction of new processes and systems, innovation and product development, mergers and acquisitions, and many more seemingly trivial, but yet important changes. We want our employees, partners and clients to tell memorable and positively charged stories in the context of business change. In this module we will explore how different functional divisions at our companies can use stories to communicate change, to create innovative services and products, and to inspire employees to become brand ambassadors.

In this module you will craft a story about an important organizational change.