Building a powerful brand through storytelling

How to be heard, noticed and remembered in the era of marketing noise

Are you familiar with the scenario of investing big marketing budgets in the most sophisticated campaigns and getting results that are far from satisfactory?

“Every story is about somebody who is trying to solve a problem, so when we identify our customers’ problems, they recognize us as a brand that understands them.”
― Donald Miller, Author of “Building a StoryBrand”

Often, this has nothing to do with the quality of the products and services you offer, but rather it signals that you haven't been able to reach and connect to your audience.

Nowadays, the competition between brands has to do with their ability to communicate on an emotional level, in a clear and simple way, so their message can find its way straight into the customer’s heart.

This is where storytelling comes into place with a framework known to be working for ages. Telling stories is our most natural way of transmitting information, be understood and remembered, generation after generation.

Why storytelling?

Every hero needs a guide!
Building your brand’s communication upon the principles of an intriguing
story can turn your brand into a valuable guide for your customers! ...:
You need to craft stories which show that:

What you’ll learn?

During this workshop you will:

Full program

May 22th,
9.30 - 17.00 h

Once upon a time: How to use stories in business context Building a strong brand by mastering the storytelling framework Practical work: Creating the “ About Us” story The customer’s personal transformation as fundamental concept for creating unique journeys with our brand/product/service Practical work: Transforming the customer identity/span>

May 23th,
9.30 - 17.00 h

How and what type of stories to use throughout the different communication channels Practical Work:Creating a web page/marketing material with a sales offering How to use stories in building and transforming the company culture and creating internal brand ambassadors Leading with stories: How to use personal stories for business impact

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