For better decision making, high levels of commitment and inclusive participation

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a business owner or a leader who wants to host and participate in effective and purposeful meetings where everyone is included and heard, better decisions are made, people are engaged and committed and time is not wasted in an unproductive interactions?

Set up your meetings for success

with the Guidance and Support of an Experienced Facilitator!

Meet your Facilitator

Dobrin Padalski

  • A trainer, HR professional and a consultant with more than 20 years of experience, 800+ completed trainings and 10,000+ participants
  • Designing leadership training programs and workshops that foster team work, shared vision and goals, productivity and connection
  • Supporting international training organizations to adapt training and learning materials for the Bulgarian market

"To me communication is not just a word, but a world. A world of inexhaustible opportunities for connection, growth and meaningful interaction in both our personal and professional lives. Facilitation gives me the opportunity to serve as enabler of fruitful and purposeful communication in meetings that matter the most in an organization."

- Dobrin Padalski -

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